The next Triennal

Triennal 2023 will tour different forms of creative practice. Post-Covid, where many people question their choices, the idea of seeking out different ways to work, live and act is particularly appropriate.

In summer 2022 we will hold workshops with the artists.

In July 2023 we will create tours visiting each artist group.

The Workshops are a critical first component of the exhibition. Primarily we will investigate different forms of creative practice, how the artists live now, as well as methods to encourage new forms of sustainable creative lives. The workshops will set the themes for the tours the following year.

The Tours in Skäne will be by bus, probably weekends in July 2023. To get a ticket for a tour, to encourage dialog, each participant will need to fill in a form describing their imagined creative practice.

On the bus a 2 person band will play improvisation (Robbie Lee & Hampus Ohman-Frolund). Each tour will have a Guide (Marek Walczak / Robert Ek).

A Documentary of the workshops, tours and interviews will be the final piece of the exhibition.

Marek Walczak will be the co-curator of the Triennal, either with one other or a small group of critics/curators in Sweden.

Participating artists :

Åsa Maria Bengtsson
Thore Soneson

Gunnel Pettersson

Gabriella Dahlman
Jonas Larsen

Malin Lobell

Agata Bielska

Etta Safve (gylleboverket)
Jona Elfdahl

(More to come)