The next Triennal

Triennal 2023 will tour different forms of Creative Practice. During this pandemic, when many people are reassessing their choices, the drive to seek out different ways to work, live, and act is particularly relevant.

In summer 2022 we will hold workshops with the artists.

In July 2023 we will create tours visiting each artist group.

The Workshops are a critical first component of the exhibition. We will investigate different forms of creative practice, how the artists live now, as well as methods to encourage new forms of sustainable creative lives. The workshops will set the themes for the tours the following year.

The Tours in Skäne will be by bus, probably weekends in July 2023. To get a ticket for a tour, to encourage dialog, each participant will have to fill in a form describing their imagined creative practice.

On the bus a 2 person band will play improvisation (Robbie Lee & Hampus Ohman-Frolund). Each tour will have a Guide (Marek Walczak / Robert Ek).

The Documentation of the workshops, tours and interviews will be the final piece of the Triennal. This will take the form of a documentary film, website archive, as well as an exhibition in Malmo after the tours have ended.

Marek Walczak will be the co-curator of the Triennal, in collaboration with critics/curators based in Sweden.

Participating artists :

Åsa Maria Bengtsson
Thore Soneson

Gunnel Pettersson

Gabriella Dahlman
Jonas Larsen

Malin Lobell

Agata Bielska

Etta Safve (gylleboverket)
Jona Elfdahl

(more to come)

Examples of Creative Practice :

Gylleboverket create social sculpture in a former scrapyard. They use the impromptu spaces of the yard for installations, movies, workshops, kitchen, permaculture, performances…

Gunnel Pettersson & Momiyama have shared facilities for decades. Gunnel creates work around the ancient cultural and social cultivation of buckwheat. Momiyama’s recent notoriety in Japanese mending & embroidery is characteristic of this moment.

Central to Malin Lobell’s poetic, conceptual and critical approach is the participatory perspective, human’s relation to nature and the importance of plants.

Another example is Jonas Larsen & Yuki Tango’s Pilglas, a collection of mouth-blown glass vessels. Glass molds are woven from locally grown willow to create unique objects with a Skånsk character. Although a serial production process, each vase is unique.

The Workshops are a series of explorations :

To inspire the artists to explore and explain their creative practices.

To see how the artist’s experiences can be transformed into a meaningful meeting with the bus participants.

How to design an inventive & purposeful bus tour.

To discover possibilities for creative practice of the tour participants.

The Tours

The Form to participate on the tour will be available both online and physically at select venues in Skåne.

In order to foster meaningful dialog each stop on the tour will be about an hour. Including travel between spots this would mean about four stops a day. Each tour will accomodate a different theme.

The documentation, drawings, videos, music and dialogs will be gathered together after the tours are over and become an installation at a city gallery where many more people can participate, as well as an open-ended website.

Audiences participate in the lived experiences of the artists and their communities and leave with an expanded sense of potential futures and working lives, and an understanding of models for new economies built on different models of love and labor.